Pardon Me While I GTFO

by Nate

Humanity is at a crossroads and for once that’s not hyperbole. Everyone, the world over, is joined together in the most bizarre and inconceivable experience of our lives. This may have been triggered by a virus, but the impact has grown far beyond health issues, or even economic issues -even the spiritual implications are numerous, and fraught.

Suffice it to say, it’s a touchy issue and we’ve never been more divided across idealogical battle lines. Yet regardless of how you feel about the pandemic or our cultural response to it, I’m confident we’d all agree that, one way or another, we’re being played.

$4 trillion in stimulus for corporate interests and the central banking system, $200 billion for small business and families. It hardly seems fair because it isn’t. It’s pretty fucked actually.

We’re at a haunted crossroads. The souls of the oppressed dead have come back to haunt the descendants of murderous imperialists. The karmic debt western civilization incurred to achieve its dominance has come due.

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The dollar is an illusion and it props up much of the wealth on Earth. As it falls, we’ll be forced to reconcile having invested years of our lives making dollars with the inevitable decline of our currency in the years we have left.

I, for one, do not intend to die both poor AND unhappy…

A government that not only allowed a tragedy to occur but arguably stoked the fires of chaos while picking your pocket at the same time, cannot be trusted. That the situation is almost the same everywhere is proof that, like the virus itself, the lingering issues surrounding the virus are more dangerous and, potentially, long-lasting. The situation is forcing even the most diehard patriots to reconsider the boundaries and motivations of what we call government.

A terrifying array of privacy and personal liberty was lost during the most frightening periods of pandemic lockdown. While people were losing their jobs and, worse, their loved ones, Congress was printing money and lining the pockets of the wealthiest slice of our society.

It’s unforgivable and unsustainable and I can hardly be the only one who’s fed up and ready to GTFO.

GTF out of what, you ask?

“THIS.”, I say while I wave my hands about gesturing to…everything.

Society. This isn’t the American dream. This is psychological class warfare. Daily life here is a dizzying, nauseating merry-go-round -and I want off.

And I can hardly be the only one…

My growing circle of witchy, permaculture, anti-capitalist friends suggests that I’m just sharing a common experience; so many of us are ready for change but still sorting out exactly what that means to each of us.

Image: MissSaber444

I figured out what it means for me. After a lot of talking, dreaming, and planning, my wife and I built a vision of our future together and with it our purpose.

Part of that purpose is to move to a tropical paradise near the Caribbean ocean. Part of it is to live the “pura vida” sustainably, with more time spent with our toes in the sand than on Zoom calls. And part of it is to inspire and assist others in achieving the same aspiration: to live a better life of their own making in paradise.

Beyond scratching an itch to share my thoughts, this project’s purpose is to facilitate a mass exodus from the increasingly scary, oppressive, and technocratic urban environments of modern cities to whatever-your-paradise-looks-like.

I’d like to do that in a few different ways over time:

  • Share our thoughts and experiences as we navigate the complex and evolving environments of travel, expatriation, and integration into a new place and culture.
  • Share practical tips and strategies for making your dreams come true, with anything on the table as long as it works, from keeping healthy with Keto to manifestation with chaos magic.
  • Do the research. Find resources. Build connections. Make friends and bring people together.

More than “called” to do this, I honestly have to say I feel lead to it instead. It was a long, winding road from deciding we were ready to GTFO to understanding what that meant and what we really wanted instead.

Image: RenjuArt

Running from something wasn’t good enough, we wanted to be running to something. And that took a lot of desire-work, to borrow a phrase from our guide through that experience, visionary author and chaos magician, Gordon White.

I’m sure I’ll share more about that experience over time but what matters now is setting a course for this project. In publishing this I’m committing this project to a purpose; importantly, one greater than my own personal experience.

This project is a thing that needs to exist in the world. I’ll do my part in creating it, intrepid reader, if you will do me the kindness of consuming any tasty bits of this inspiration that suit your palette.

It’s my hope that this project serves to help people find their Joy and be in their paradise. Either way, I promise that it will be varied, occasionally weird, and dedicated to dreaming, planning, and manifesting a better life. Thanks for reading.

Featured image: frequenzlos (used without permission – contact me with complaints)

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