Postcards From Paradise: A Fresh Start

by Nate

I thought it would be too boring to document the day to day experience of living through our actual escape from dystopia; not only for myself, but also for you, the reader. And I couldn’t very well blog during our exodus, it was enough just to drive eight hours a day and keep us alive.

But now we’re through the gauntlet. We made it! And it feels good, I gotta tell you. The scary shit I read about in the news or on social media each day is, honestly, an increasingly distant concern. Here, en el paraĆ­so, we can finally stop worrying about escape and start working on creating the enchanted life we want to lead.

And that means there’ll be no shortage of content because I should have lots to share from our adventures in regenerative living and all the magic we’re doing along the way. Which has made me reevaluate the idea of journaling the process in favor of shorter, informal updates (like this one) for those who are interested in the personal details of our story.

Our arrival in Mexico also signals that I’ve completed the first phase of an ongoing transformation; what I believe to be an initiation (of sorts) and a discovery of my life’s purpose. This first phase was the “easy” one, and it was about clearing my plate.

Until now I’ve been fully consumed with renovating and selling our home in Dallas, TX, getting my wife and our two dogs safely (and legally) into a new country, and discovering my magical / spiritual path. My purpose, since beginning this adventure a year and a half ago, has been getting us here.

We made it!

Now my purpose is to build sanctuary in paradise and help others do the same.

This project, ironically, began just before the pandemic struck. The shift in global geopolitics that coincided with the virus only made our escape more urgent. Since just before our arrival, we’ve discovered a number of other folks on similar escape trajectories.

This surge in like-minded expat/escapees represents many good things for us, like the opportunity to build community and resource networks. But it also means we’re in something of a race to claim good real estate and carve our unique niche.

We’re moving quickly now to stake our claim in this rapidly evolving landscape. We spent the last two years dreaming and talking about living this life. Well, it’s real now and I have much more to share that hopefully will entertain, inspire, and motivate you to create your own version of paradise.

I want those reading who feel unsettled and disenfranchised by the toxic cultures of the world today to feel emboldened to begin their own escape from society. And as our project progresses, I want to extend this storytelling to inspire you to build your own sanctuary and find all the joy you deserve.

To that end, I’ll be producing more content, in general, and these shorter, more personal updates, under the name “Postcards From Paradise”. This series, aims to capture the details and personal reflections of a process in the works. It reflects an on-going evolution rather than a neat summary of what transpired, after the fact.

The goal is to provide a more honest and authentic chronicle of our experiences; to show the ups and downs and to convey the struggle along with the success. It only seems fair, now that the story is an interesting one to follow.

So what have we been doing since our arrival? Living…or perhaps it’s more accurate to say, learning how to live.

Everything is different here, from how we get drinking water to how we plan our days, make friends, access and spend money, or any number of other typical activities that don’t quite work like they did back home. I spend a lot of time practicing Spanish on the locals, which mostly means butchering their language and resorting to pointing and grunting a lot. We take long walks to the beach at night. We cook and clean more than ever before (Do you want ants? Because this is how we get ants!).

We spend a fair amount of time pondering on the future, divining on hypotheses, and scratching our heads in confusion. Getting out from under the crushing weight of constant propaganda and eroding civil liberties feels good but it’s a move away from a singular point of focus to a broad field of problems to solve. Now that we have time to focus on building sanctuary, the immensity of that project is slowly coming into focus…

It’s a complicated, but enjoyable, part of the journey -if we can learn to actually let go and let the gods work it out. Our experiences prior to the move prove that our success in this venture is less about what we do than what goals we set and how we let the universe bring them into being.

As we look to setting new goals for the future, we’re being cautious not to insert too much presumption -too much ego- into our intention-setting process. The roots of this project grew in the fertile soil of Gordon White’s Q1 2020 “Wealth” course in the premium members’ content on The seedling ideas that stem from these roots burst forth in an expression of the desire work (essentially Venusian theurgy) contained within that fabulous course.

As our project grows into a sapling, it needs to be nurtured by this same evolving desire, so that it eventually becomes a fully grown tree, with all the protection and connectivity implied by that metaphor. And desire isn’t created, it’s discovered. It comes into focus through quiet contemplation; from time spent actively wondering, “what is it that I really want?”. It comes of prayer, meditation, journeying, psychedelics, and only in collaboration with the divine. It takes time and can’t be rushed or forced.

This means we can only walk the paces ahead -heads down, cautiously selecting our next steps- until future opportunities present themselves. It means listening to the universe, even when it’s not saying anything revealing, because attempting to operate unilaterally at this point in the timeline is foolish and counterproductive.

While we wait for clarity, we continue our research and we make the most of all the joy-creating opportunities that are at our disposal now. We spend time at the beach. We explore the cities and towns nearby, learning their differences, their distances, and their unique personalities. We make friends and build community. We find teachers, guides, and experts in various disciplines that we’ll have need of soon.

And I write… Write, edit, publish, and write some more. Thanks for reading!

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